Arduino Due + MKR Connector Carrier pin diagram

Good afternoon,
I am new to Arduino and am attempting to connect an MKR Connector Carrier board to an Arduino Due. I haven't been able to find any wiring guidance to implement this particular application on the getting started page for the MKR Carrier connecter:
I have an Atlas Tentacle mounted on the Due and ultimately my plan is to place an MKR ENV Shield on the MKR Carrier Connector. I want to collate the data from the Tentacle and the ENV shield and store it on the SD. I am looking for guidance for data transfer and power connections between the Due and the Carrier connector. Is there any available information to create an connection between the Arduino Due and MKR Carrier Connector? Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

Beware: analog inputs as well as digital inputs/outputs are 5V on the MKR connector, whereas the DUE is 3.3V compliant only. Voltage dividers and logic level shifters are needed if you want to make use of this type of connector.