Good. I recently got an arduino DUE, thanks to which I could not get any ARM board with 8-bit microcontroller or other arduino that could work as USBHOST, nor could I get the arduino shield for this feature. I write because I'm a little lost, since I need to work with a scanner or barcode reader, to be able to interpret the information sent by the scanner for the Arduino DUE is what I could not understand. I have been told that I could use a programming and a similar concept as the keyboardcontroller.ino. If anyone can help me thanks

OK. I'm not up to researching the code portion of this at the moment, but from a hardware standpoint, you shouldn't have much difficulty. The Due has a hostmode USB port. It's the one closest to the reset button.

I don't know about the specifics of the scanner, but once the hardware has handled the handshaking, it's just a matter of waiting for data, reading the data, and doing the data stuff to it. I know that sounds simplistic, but it pretty much is. I'll make a deal with you. I'll come back here at least once a day to check your progress and help where I can. I have a Due on my bench that I have been playing with and I can get a scanner or rig up a simulator easily enough.

Post the make and model for the scanner and what you need to do with the output of the scan, as well as any special requirements that you have for how the data gets collected. I'll help where I can and you need.