Arduino due native USB question

Is arduino due native port only for programming or is available for general purpose?

How do i interface general usb port to Arduino Due if I want to send music to arduino due?


The libraries aren't the best but I think there's a MIDI library for native USB. Was there some other method of "send music" that you were interested in?

no, i am just asking like asking for street address.where and what options are available to me and where to look at if i wanted to send music from pc to arduino due. are there any libraries and how people would do if they had to problem like mine.

Define “send music to arduino due” - Do you want the Due to appear as a USB Audio Device (like a speaker)? Or send music files (.wav, .mp3, whatever) to the Due as if it were a disk? Or somewhere in between? All are probably possible; all are probably pretty complex…


i want to stream audio from computer to arduino due and send the same from arduino due to headphone or speaker. also i wanted control when to play and stop the music.

I think this would mean arduino due will be a usb audio device rather than behaving like a disk. because i don't want the arduino due to store the music. but buffering of samples is required i think.

i have just discovered AVR UC3 USB Audio Class pdf which is what i want. In this example, Atmel EVK1105 (Atmel AT32UC3A0512) is used and there is ASF support. Could this ASF be used for arduino due board?