Arduino Due + non-FIFO OV7670 Module

I am trying to read images from a non-FIFO OV7670 to a Arduino Due and then save them to an SD card. I figured that if an Arduino Uno could read the module then send the pictures to the computer (,159557.0.html) the Due would be able to. However as a preliminary test i have my program counting pixels and the number of pixels per row is wrong. It is not 1280 bytes or 640 pixels as it should be. My code is able to very accurately read the number of rows per frame (480). See attached code.

I do not have the SIOD or SIOC pins connected as i am okay with the default image. However i will connect them if they will help me be able to capture the pixels.

Some poeple say that you need some kind of SRAM in order to capture the images. How does this help? wouldn’t the images first have to be sent to the Arduino and then finally to the External SRAM?

Any and all help would be appreciated.


DUE + OV7670.txt (2.58 KB)

Hello bigolbug!

In the last weekend of this month, I'll try to get pixels in this setting: arduino due (compatible) + OV7670 non-FIFO.

In my project:

  • the pixels will don't be stored;
  • it be used for color detection and geometric calculation;
  • the captured image can be low resolution (aka 100 x 100 pixels).

I see your attached code.

Then, I have a question: Do you have a success in implementation? Have a updated code?

Thanks in advance.

Hi bigolbug

Could you please help me out with obtaining images from the raw data of the ov7670, on to a GUI on Processing?

I believe that the following video sums up pretty much what I have in mind.

Please help!

Arduino Due is faster than Uno, but it is not fast enaugh. I think it is better not to use interrupts and setup camera. It has paramerts like devider/prescaler which changes input clock.

My results: How to connect Arduino Due and Ov7670

I am getting grayscale image with this camera and circuit but I want colour image from the camera.