Arduino DUE not present on 'Boards' Menu in IDE 1.0.5

Hello everyone!

I am working on a project for motorized faders and came to realize I need Arduino Due. The project already has a post here:

but this is about DUE itself. I just got it, plugged it, drivers installed ok instantly but when I open the IDE, i can’t seem to find the board in the ‘Tools–>Boards’ menu!!!

I couldn’t find any post related either :S

anyone knows why this could be happening?

there’s a picture attached →

Try these:

7-26-2013 7-06-48 PM.jpg

Aren't those for the boards Duemilanove and Diecimila?

How could it work with Arduino DUE, it running on a completely different micro-controller?

I think I skipped the part saying you need to download the 1.5.2 beta version of the IDE, to add support for DUE.

I'll try that and post results.


Effectively, that was the problem.

Sorry to bother.