Arduino Due + OV7670 non FIFO Capture Data

I want to use OV7670 without FIFO for aerial photography for my project using Arduino Due. I'm using 1.6.7 Version of Arduino IDE. I want to save the data from VGA Frames Data Input [D0...D7] to my computer with serial. This is my first time building a project with OV7670, I don't understand how to get the data and save it to my computer, and build it to be an image. Could anyone like to help me? Very thank you for your help.


there is a 52 page (>760 postings) thread started from Mr. Arduino with the needed information:

I will have to dig through that myself, currently I have everything to actually start with (Arduino Uno and Due(s), two OV7660s w/o and one OV7670 with buffer), and even did 2nd step (move camera) before the 1st (get camera working).