Arduino Due Pinout/Schematic

When will we be able to get the schematic/pinout for the Due? I would love to start working on new shields in the meantime.

Thanks, Seth

I would imagine on October 22nd, when it is supposed to be officially announced.

I figured that much for the full schematic. But you figure that the header layout should be pretty solid by now.

Can anyone with one of the preview version post the pinouts?

neuromancer2701: Can anyone with one of the preview version post the pinouts?

It likely depends on whether the previewers signed NDA's (non-disclosure agreement). If they did, they are legally bound not disclose such information Also, based on the feedback from the people with preview copies, there might be some last minute changes, so even if you got the information, it may not match the final product. I think you are just going to have to wait for another 8 days.

If you look about 1 minute into the Arduino Hour at Maker Faire, you get a pretty clear picture of the Due, if that helps.

I found the schematic for the Android Development Kit 2012. It is supposed to be very similar to the Due. I wonder if the headers are the same.

Thanks for the info

From Massimo's talk, it looks like a Mega to me.

Here is a cropped screenshot of the ADK schematic(just the headers). The Due brings a lot of more efficient and powerful features and if the pins are not brought out to the headers then new shields will not be an option.

Two main feature are Ethernet and SD cards. They both have dedicated hardware so they don't have to share the spi bus and will have better interfaces. It looks like all of the pins(B0-B9) are brought on the dual row header for a new ethernet shield. But the HSMCI pins are not on any of the headers for the SD card interface. The ADK does have a micro-sd card slot already onboard though.

a new ethernet shield.

ChipKit users found out that the hard way that just because the cpu has a built-in Ethernet Mac, doesn’t mean that the resulting Ethernet Shield is any cheaper (or easier to use) than a full-fledged smart Wiznet-based shield. It turns out that the interface between the Mac and Ethenet Phy chips is pretty tough to implement.

Here is a cropped screenshot of the ADK schematic(just the headers).

"Password required" if you don't have a Google account I think. I do but some may not.



Thanks, I didn't realize it would put it behind a login wall. Atmel has ported IwIP in the latest version of asf, that would have to be integrated into the ethernet library. Then I guess it would just be the cost of the shield to see if it would be equal or less than the current shield.

Now that the schematics have been released. Does anyone have an idea about the MacB connector? It is wired in the schematic but in the board layout connector is off of the pcb. Is this for future boards? for example an official Due ethernet or for Due devative boards