Arduino Due port issue

Hi, I have Arduino DUE trying to connect but the PORT is no available, need to find Driver and and how to install.


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@rricherna if you have official Arduino, just install the lastest IDE version 1.8.16 and the package core for your board via the IDE. and

Hi, so I have Arduino DUE and have installed the Boards Arduino ARM (32bits), Arduino AVR, and Arduino SAMD (32bits ARM Cortex-MO+)
Under Arduino ARM (32-bits) I have selected Arduino Due (Programming Port) but I still cannot select a Port because it is Gray Out not available.
What am I missing? A driver or or something else?

Is your board original Arduino Due? Could you post a close and clear picture of the back and fronts sides of the board here?

Hi, yes it is an original Arduino DUE here are the pictures of the front and back as requested.

Any comments that might help?

Try to follow this guide

Did follow those instructions but still not working. I will return this board DUE. Will try the Arduino UNO rev3 instead.

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