Arduino due programming port not working

Hi, I am new to Arduino.. I worked well with programming port. Now, when I turn on the arduino two leds are glowing but not blinking. later I connected to native port, and pressed the erase and reset button simultaneously. Apparently, green led is blinking and port is recognized as arduino due. Now while uploading blink example programme to native port it reseted the CPU flash. when I connect arduino to programming port green led is blinking but COMx port is not showing either in device manager or in the arduino ide. I kept a led in output port, led is blinking.

I am struggling for this. Can anyone pls help. Thank you.

Try changing your Board selection in the IDE to "Arduino Due (Programming Port) . I believe this will cure your problem.

Let us know what happens!

David G.

Thanks for ur response.

Even though, I kept Board selection at programming port in Arduino IDE. COM Port is not recognizing. So, Can I use Native port to programme my examples.

hari228: So, Can I use Native port to programme my examples.

Yes you can.



i have connected my arduino due board in programming port, it is showing in device manager but it is not showing the board name in arduino software .... can anyone pls help me out....

You are using v1.5.x of the Arduino software?


same problem here, a clone due about 9 mnths old, just first test and does not program using prog port but programs ok using native usb port. using ide 1.5.7 on linux mint14

ttyACM0 shows up in ports list OK for both ports, but gives error message "No device found on ttyACM0" when trying to program with the programming port. (I have set the correct board from board menu, the arduino rx light blinks just before the error)

saw talk about possibly needing to update the 16u2 firmware, but cannot find where the hex file is to do that. (or is it some other problem)

The programming port can be temperamental, it disconnects just before programming, and reconnects as a different device.... bosa/bossac? port (something like that) , so you likely see 2 different devices for the programming port.

BUT the native port, there is a fairly well documented 'trick'..... when the sketch compiles, and you see the size of the sketch in white.... press the reset button...... try this several times..... you will get the hang of it eventually.

Hope this helps.