Arduino Due PWM digital pin 3 and motor shield


Me and my mate is trying to get a fan to work with arduino due and a there own motor shield for a schoolproject. The thing is that we can't get the PWM signal to work on pin 3 because, what we think, is that pin 3 doesn't have a channel (??).

The code works, if we try any other pin we get the voltage that we want when we measure it on a multimeter. But not pin 3, or pin 11. It's the same on pin 11.

Do anyone have a answer to this?


Indicates that pins 2 to 13 are PWM, so they should be working. You may need to check if your project is sensitive to the frequency of the PWM, if the Due is like the Uno, not all PWM pins are operating at the same frequency.

Check with an oscilloscope if you have one, if you have a frequency counter or a DMM with frequency counter on it then use it.

What sort of fan are you controlling with the PWM? Have tried it?

Hope this helps, Tom..... :)