Arduino Due R3 Programming Port Issue.


I hope someone can fill me in with the specifics, i have a Arduino Due R3 and i am using windows 10 with IDE 1.6.5. I have all tools at my disposal to get this guy back up and running. Only issue is i don't know how.

Let me preface by introducing the situation of this device.

  • Device was purchased 11 months ago and was working prior.
  • today the computer when plugged in Native will be detected in device manager with an assigned com port.
  • when plugged in programming the error message occurs in "devices and printers"::Unknown USB Device(Device Descriptor Request Failed).
  • When i look in device manager it falls in the USB category as Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)

I am assuming the firmware of the ATMega16u2 is corrupted. I have experience flashing both bootloader for ATmega328p and atmega8u2/16u2 (uno & mega) but!

I have no idea if i can access DFU mode for arduino DUE, this thing is different entirely, any ideas on how to flash some firmware on it? i have avrdudess and atmel flip installed! Firmware ".hex" would be appreciated for this device.

Thank you.