arduino due sensor veri okuma hatası

selam arduino due kartımda gravity bmp388+bmx160 sensörümü kullanıyorum fakat verileri seri portta göremiyorum yardım edebilcek var mıdır



* file bmp388test.ino
 * Connect BMP388 to IIC interface of Arduino, download the program.
 * Altitude is calculated based on temperature and sea level pressure.
 * The example can count an approximate altitude.
 * @n Open the serial monitor, check the altitude.
 * @n Open serial monitor, the temperature could be checked.
 * @n Open serial monitor, the atmospheric pressure could be checked.
 * Copyright   DFRobot, 2016
 * Copyright   GNU Lesser General Public License
 * version  V0.1
 * date  2018-5-29
#include “DFRobot_BMP388.h”
#include “DFRobot_BMP388_I2C.h”
#include “Wire.h”
#include “SPI.h”
#include “math.h”
#include “bmp3_defs.h”

/If there is no need to calibrate altitude, comment this line/
#define CALIBRATE_Altitude

/Create a bmp388 object to communicate with IIC./
DFRobot_BMP388_I2C bmp388;

float seaLevel;

void setup(){
 /* Initialize the serial port*/
  * @brief Set bmp388 IIC address
  * @param BMP3_I2C_ADDR_PRIM: pin SDO is low
  *        BMP3_I2C_ADDR_SEC: pin SDO is high(default)
Initialize bmp388*/
   Serial.println(“Initialize error!”);
 /*You can use an accurate altitude to calibrate sea level air pressure.
  *And then use this calibrated sea level pressure as a reference to obtain the calibrated altitude.
  *In this case,525.0m is chendu accurate altitude.
 seaLevel = bmp388.readSeaLevel(525.0);
 Serial.print(“seaLevel : “);
 Serial.println(” Pa”);

void loop(){
 #ifdef CALIBRATE_Altitude
 /* Read the calibrated altitude /
 float altitude = bmp388.readCalibratedAltitude(seaLevel);
 Serial.print(“calibrate Altitude : “);
 Serial.println(” m”);
Read the altitude /
 float altitude = bmp388.readAltitude();
 Serial.print(“Altitude : “);
 Serial.println(” m”);
Read the atmospheric pressure, print data via serial port./
 float Pressure = bmp388.readPressure();
 Serial.print(“Pressure : “);
 Serial.println(” Pa”);
Read the temperature, print data via serial port.*/
 float Temperature = bmp388.readTemperature();
 Serial.print(“Temperature : “);
 Serial.println(” C”);


VIN = 5V

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