Arduino Due Serial Port working off randomly?

I have a Arduino Due Board and C# Serial Application.

I have a set all buadrate, parity and other parameter same in both side.

When i Communicate My application through Arduino Due working perfectly but after some random time generally 14 hour to 2 days continuous my arduino Due Serial port stop receiving and Sending Data. I have read all thread regarding this but didn't find any solution.

Basically My requirement is to Running application more than 5 days without any problem.

I have use FTDI and arduino due Serial3 for communication.

is that serial buffer increase to overcome this problem?

btw why don't you use Serial (0) or SerialUSB?

why do you think the serial rx stopped on due? how did you test it?

Onboard Serial and Native port like SerialUSB i have also tried but same problem occurred in within a day but i have use external serial port like Serial3 with ftdi i am not getting error in day but after day to 2nd day my port is stuck.

Actually i have send data of 150 byte at every half second. so is that any serial buffer problem or any stack problem?

Post a minimal sketch that exhibits your problem.
Together with a wiring diagram of any external connections.

Cortex-M3 announced in 2004. SAM3X chips have been widely used since 2012.
I would expect both USART and USB to work.