Arduino Due: sketch does not start after power on

Hello everyone,

Here is the actions I perform

  1. Connect Arduino Due to PC using 2 USB-microUSB wires, for each port
  2. Compile and upload example Blink sketch. Onboard LED blinks OK
  3. Disconnect both wires
  4. Wait for 5-10 minutes
  5. Reconnect the boards with both wires.

I suppose that the sketch should be started after reconnection in up to 10 seconds, but I see no LED blinking. Could you please tell me what is wrong and how can I fix it?

UPD: The sketch started after I press Reset button. It seems that the problem is alike to problem with UNO pre-Rev3
What do you recommend: adding a diode between Reset and +3.3 or adding a capacitor between Reset and ground?

My os is Win7x64, IDE version is 1.6.4. Detailed description of the board (as returned by IDE during upload)
Chip ID : 285e0a60
version()=v1.1 Dec 15 2010 19:25:04
Version : v1.1 Dec 15 2010 19:25:04
Address : 524288
Pages : 2048
Page Size : 256 bytes
Total Size : 512KB
Planes : 2
Lock Regions : 32
Locked : readWord(addr=0x400e0a08)=0x1

Looking forward to replies,

Hi Gryphon88! I have the same problem... I'm searching some workaround