Arduino Due TIOA and TIOB as outputs without interrupts on Timer channel

Hi, I am an electrical student and want to use arduino due to generate pulses for driving MOSFETs. I am making a inverter and want to generate pulses. I have arduino due with me. My main intentions are :

1) one software interrupt for sampling the next time period (this will be changing..). After three cycles I will analogRead() new value of time period and same continues .

2) During one time period,set by RC count of Timer channel TC0, I want to load RA0 and RB0 with appropriate counts to get output pulses with different duty ratios(depending on RA0 and RB0 values). NOTE: i wont be using interrupts with TC0

I wrote a program which gives software interrupts with TC3 which is working fine. i.e. I am able to load new values into RA0 and RB0 automatically for every new sampled value( every 3 cycles new values comes else same values will be loaded). Now I also used TC0 for stopping, loading new values and starting the timer. when i checked PIO_PB25B_TIOA0 and PIO_PB27B_TIOB0 in the serial monitor i am getting 33554432,134217728 .

I am really confused.I expected a 1 and 0 output. I just want two pulses from TC0 without interrupt.I set the ACPA value to 3 (Toggle) and I enabled the clock to the timer as well.Still I am not getting the output.

So if possible please provide me a sample program that can output pulses from PB25 and PB27 (TIOA0 and TIOB0). Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading my question.

Thank you