Arduino Due to communicate via USB to Silicon Labs CP2102


I'm working on a project where I have an external custom made device equipped with a Silicon Labs CP2102 chipset. Normally I communicate with the device via PuTTY (basically send strings like "start", "stop" to start an electric motor on the device) but I want to use an Arduino Due (with some buttons) to execute the commands. When I connect the Arduino Due to my PC and write to the terminal everything works (the correct strings appears as they should in the terminal) but when I connect my Arduino to my device there it appears there is no connection between them. The device (and PC) is connected to the native USB port.

In my setup() I have:

SerialUSB.begin(38400);     //Serial init
  while(!SerialUSB) {

It never leaves the while-loop which means there is no connection established.

The question is, do I need to write some drivers in order to get the communication between my Due and my CP2102 to work? In Windows I have to install drivers in order to write to the device from the terminal so maybe its the same in this case? Or should it be "built in" in some library in Arduino?

Tried to searched a lot before asking if the question been up before but didn't find anything.