Arduino DUE to ePaper Display Connector


I currently want to make a project with NB-IoT and an ePaper display. I am using a Good Display 2.9'', similar to this one. Is there some sort of adapter from an Arduino DUE to the connector of the display?

As you can see on the picture attached, the NB-IoT module needs quite a lot of space and covers the 2x3 "pin-layout" with the name SPI (not sure if I need this).

Thanks in advance

Hi Laserlord_,

You need a connection board to connect these SPI e-paper displays to any processor. It needs to have the booster circuit to generate the panel driving voltages.

The easy one I recommend is: DESPI-C02

Note that the commonly used Arduino libraries for these e-paper displays use HW SPI, which is not accessible with your configuration, as HW SPI is on the 6pin ICSP header on Arduino Due.

I don't know if this shield can be ordered without pin headers: Universal e-Paper Raw Panel Driver Shield for Arduino / NUCLEO,
so you could add stackable headers.


You might consider this e-paper:

Black 2.13" inch e-Paper Display w/Arduino Shield,Library 212x104


thank you for the link! The board is available separately and it does have the ICSP header for Due:

Universal e-Paper/e-Ink Display Panel Driver Shield for Arduino


So thank you both for your answers. As you know, the NB-IoT module needs these "side" pins, just like the board you sent me. Don't they bother each other?