Arduino due to PC High Speed USB communication

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I am working on a project that uses the Arduino Due (microntroller ATSAM3X8E). My goal is to be able to track the values of some of the key variables I am using in my firmware in real time. The fact is that I need to plot the change in the values of the variables over time.

In order to do this, I have decided to send the data to my PC through the native USB port. The real time constraint I am having is that I need to send the values of 20 variables (each of them 8 bytes long) within 0.1 ms. There is a native USB port available on the Arduino Due, which is connected to the USB peripheral of the chip. I have tried using UART over USB by setting up the Due in USB device mode. I can only get up to speeds of 115200 baud using Serial (UART) communication (any higher speeds don't allow the Due or my host PC to send the data correctly).

So, I did some home work and found that USB based devices have different classifications based on what they do. I want to know if there is a high speed protocol with a speed of at least 2 M bits/sec I can use on top of USB to data across to my PC from the Due, and, if there is an equivalent driver I can use on my Windows PC to successfully capture that high speed data - any recommendations would be greatly helpful.

Thanks in advance!


I have no experience of the DUE but the Leonardo uses the 32U4 MCU to generate the USB link and it works at full USB speed effectively ignoring the baud rate setting. Maybe the DUE is the same. Have you done any performance tests?