Arduino DUE troubleshooting(not working)

I decided to make this post because I searched for hours on Internet whit not finding anything even close to helpful (maybe there is info but I couldn't find it) on the issue I had. There is little to none info and troubleshooting on fizical damage to the Arduino boards out there, I think it would be a good idea to make a subdirectory in here for this kind of problems, one for each board. Not because it's cheaper but most of the time it's faster to a dress the issue than waiting for another board if you don't have a spare one, most of the average hobbyists have tools and most of the components at hand to address any basic issue beside of a major one being the main chips. PROBLEM: I connected my Arduino DUE to the pc via the programing port and uploaded a sketch and tested it. So far so good. Then I connected the same 12v power adapter that I use whit the Arduino MEGA2560 and no led on,nothing. After I cennected it again to the pc and the same thing, nothing. Solution: After hours searching the Internet whit no prevail I decided to download the schematics and searching for a fizical problem. I connected again the DUE to the pc via programing port and noticed that the F2(the golden component marked 504c ) fuse is heating up a lot and fast. I tray d the native port whit the same result, this time whit f1, thinking it's the fuse that is bad. Searching thru the schematic I worked backward the diagram thinking it's the IC2 (lm2734y)but not being sure. So I connected again the programming port bypassing the fuse this time the LM2734Y started heating even faster in 2 sec close to temperature limit of a standard IC. I removed it, downloaded the datasheet and tested it, confirming it was damaged(don't desolde it whit out proper tools it's very small and has a few other components near it that you can damage beside the PCB). Studying the schematic of the board after I saw that it can work whit out it so I reconected the board to the pc and it works perfectly. I ordered the circuit and waiting for the replacement . For the moment I still have to check for what it is affected and what is not working beside the power jack but I make due. THIS I CRUDE WAY TO DO IT (as I don't have what is necessary to check it by software ), I DON'T ADVICE ANYONE WHO DOESN'T HAVE KNOWLEDGE OF ELECTRONICS TO DO IT. UPDATE : I received the IC a few days ago , soldered it today and tested it everything works as it should so the problem is solved . I still don't know why the IC failed. Made the tests whit the same adapters as before, maybe I was careless and had a stipulated of wire on my dye table or something because there is no other explanation .