Arduino Due w/ENC2860 Ethernet

I have not been able to get the Arduino Due working with the ENC2860 Ethernet interface.
First of all, from what I undersatnd, the Due will not allow you to use I/O pins for the SPI inteface like previous
Arduinos. I have connected it to the "SPI" header now.

My programming problem is getting the correct libraries setup and running properly for the ENC2860. Where can I get libraries for the ENC2860 to use the Due via the SPI header interface.?
Anyone successfull using the Due via SPI header with the ENC2860?
ANy help would be extremely appreciated.


Just got UIPEthernet running on DUE with ENC28J60 Ethernet.
See: Problems with Arduino DUE and ENC28J60. - #11 by system - Home Automation and Networked Objects - Arduino Forum