Arduino Due w/ Pololu MD01B v1.5


First time posting, and I'm sorry if I'm not following the right directions. Also if this is posted to the wrong area, please move it or show me where to post it. Thank you.

We have an arduino due set up with 4 sonar sensors. From the output of this sensors, they turn a stepper motor using a driver. The next issue we are having is controlling a linear actuator (dc motor) with the pololu MD01B. The ports are a bit confusing and none of us are really adept in coding.

We have pins 22-29 used for the sensors. If you need the code, I will post it here (or on pastebin, whichever is appropriate).

The have 2 MD01B's and 2 linear actuators to control both acceleration and braking (just to keep in mind).

The request I'm having, is if anyone can produce sample code and directions on how to hook up the driver to the board given that those pins are used for sonar sensors. If i need to produce any more information, let me know and I'll respond ASAP.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you