Arduino Due with DHT22 Sensor over long distance (5V)

For my project I need to read some DHT22 sensors over long distance (>5m) I understand that the Due operates on 3.3V but the DHT22 needs 5V to work on long distance.

The Due has a 5V output of course but I am still not sure if I can safely read the signal from the DHT22 when I use 5V.

If not, can anyone recommend another Adruino board, more modern (faster) then the Uno, that does work with 5V?

Any help greatly appriciated,


The DHT22 states a power supply between 3.3V and 6V. If you really need to power this sensor with 5 Volts, use a bidirectionnal level shifter (3.3V <-> 5v) for the digital signal output.