Arduino due with display questions.

Hello. I bought an Arduino Due and I am researching displays and shields and I can't seem to find the answer to a bunch of my questions. Basically I have connected the Due to the motherboard and they communicate perfectly.


  1. Do I need a SHIELD in order for the Due to communicate with the DISPLAY or I can just connect the display with the Due board. I can't seem to understand as to why I need a shield.

  2. What type of information can be displayed and how. Is it only images or I can make a fully responsive GUI. If I can make a GUI, how do I make it and is the Due powerful enough to handle it. (The Gui will be something like THIS ). Will I need
    and SD Card and what would I need to store on it.

I just want to add that I have been coding on java for about 2 years and have good experience with C++, so I am not afraid of coding.


I’m trying too connect a display on my Arduino Due Board. I have already the screen, it is an Elegoo TFTLCD 2,8". I have many questions too but also some responses thanks to technical support of Elegoo. I hope this information will be useful and in the same time I will find responses of my own problems !

What I know is, even if I bought a screen named “2.8 TFT LCD Shield” I need to use the parameter in the source code as if it is a “Breaking board”. I don’t understand why !?
I connected the screen to my Arduino Due Board and modified the code of an example gived with the screen but nothing happen ! (I used libraries of Elegoo)

Due + TFTLCD Screen.txt (6.05 KB)


No, you don't need the shield but it makes your life much easier. i.e. ready-wired sockets. you just plug display into shield into Due. Note that your display is SSD1963 but the shield says RA8875. You must check with BuyDisplay if this shield
is suitable for SSD1963 display.

Otherwise you need about 32 separate trailing wires. And each wire must go into the correct socket.
The Due has 3.3V logic so it can connect directly to the 3.3V display.

If you had a Mega2560 you would need about 30 level shifter chips i.e. one for each logic signal.

Regardig GUI. If you want to use a "Nextion", buy a Nextion.
Otherwise you have to write / use software.


Post a link to the actual Elegoo display that you bought e.g. Ebay sale page.
Oh, your TXT file is garbage. It will not possibly compile.