Arduino Due with FingerPrint Sensor Module

I want to set up a biometric voting system using Arduino Due. I have with me FingerPrint Sensor Module r305. It has four out pins. Vcc, ground, Input, Output. Vcc is connected to 5V of Arduino due, ground to GND pin, Input pin is connected to RX, and output is connected to TX of Arduino due. Now problem is that the Arduino board is not recognizing the device. I also used LCD 16 by 2.
Attached with .ino file of my code.
Playing with the main part. I followed the instructions on the screen. But the output says on LCD that didn’t find fingerprint module. Note that when first time, the connection is set up, fingerprint blink once indicating that connections are made right. Help me with that how to connect fingerprint module and set it up with Arduino Due. I have tried hard but things are getting messed.

enroll.ino (5.6 KB)

Hi there!

Here is a tutorial on how to interface Arduino with a fingerprint sensor.

There are also some great youtube tutorials. All you have to do is search "arduino r305" and there will be plenty of help.

Good luck!