Arduino Due with MD070SD not initializing from external power

I have a arduino due with a CTE Shield and an MD070SD 7" CPLD SDRAM TFT display. and it works good but I have to push the reset button to get it to initialize every time I power cycle it. If I have it connected to the PC and load a sketch then I don't have to manually press reset. How do I get around this. The documentation says the display need only a reset to initialize. Here is the code I use to initialize the Display. I would think the InitLCD would be doing a reset to get the TFT LCD going.

void setup() {
  myGLCD.setColor (VGA_LIME);//Red,Green,Blue
  myGLCD.fillScr (VGA_NAVY);

I found the issue. The CPU is not initializing correctly on power up. My DUE board has an issue. It works great with my other DUE board.

Hi there, I never got it to power up in either case. I'm pretty certain i got the wiring right. Have you interfaced it with a shield or direct to the DUE? I use the UTFT library and the example code. Perhaps that my demise? Or is my power source too low (using external power, not the USB)? If you could share some insighton what your set up and perhaps a snippet of the initialization code I'd greatly appreciate it.