Arduino Due with WiFi shild an Webserver/Webclient...

Hi there,
I actually have two questions on the subject:

1 I have tried the Ex WiFi Web Server. I arrive in WiFi, etc.
but at this point it does not go further:

WiFiClient client = server.available ();
if (client) {

Etc. I can make a port 80 with telnet.
Does anyone here have a plan?

2 Is there any logging? I can not determine whether, for example, the initialization of the server functions.

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Hi there,

I have now the following have tried (without success)
1 current version 1.5.7 inst.
ERG: 0
2 tested the example WiFiClient
ERG: 0

Has someone already hinbekommen with the DUE?

it works well :grin: