Arduino Due

How to make a design encoder Arduino Due Please!!! Help me

I’m going to guess that no one has answered you because we have no idea what you are talking about. I imagine that English is not your primary language. Well, it isn’t the primary language for the majority of the world so there’s that. :wink:

Are you trying to attach a quadrature encoder to the Due to sense the rotational position of something? If so there is help available on this board.

Are you trying to design a new board?

If neither of the above, can you rephrase your request?

I am trying to attach a quadrature encoder to a Due to sense the rotational position of the encoder (essentially using it as a knob), I am having issues finding the Due as a board in the pull down menu 'Tools'>'Board', and therefore I do not believe the program is even getting uploaded to the board. I read somewhere that the Arduino Mega 2560 can be used to program the Due, but I'm not sure if that is true because it's not working. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

You need first to add a library to the Due: From Tool go to Board then click on Boards Manager at the very top. There, look for Arduino SAM Boards 32 bits ARM CORTEX H3 Click and wait for the installation. Then You can select the DUE on the list of the Boards Manager at the very end: either Programming or Native,depending where your USB is connected. Close and Restart your Arduino IDE - Then go to tool and select the Port that should be marked Arduino Due. PS: As a beginner with the DUE I selected by error Duemilanove It is not the same board!