Arduino Duemilanove + Bluetooth-Mate

Hi Guys,

I’ve got the Arduino Duemilanove and a bluetooth modem from (

now Ive connected the bluetooth to the Arduino as follows

Gnd to Gnd on the Arduino
VCC to 3.3V on the Arduino
CTS to RTS on the bluetooth
Rx to Tx
Tx to Rx

Tx and Rx on the Arduino being digital pins 1, 0 respectively

Now once powered up I can manage a connection between the bluetooth and my Computer (confirmed on multiple computers and indicated by the green connection led on the bluetooth module)

However I’m unable to Send or receive anything through the modem.

I ran a sketch outputting an integer through the serial, when connected to the USB Serial Com it works fine, and Tx Led lights up on the Arduino

When you disconnect the USB Com the Tx led stops (as expected) and when trying to read the Bluetooth Com there nothing being sent through Tx and Rx led’s on Arduino don’t light up, also sending from the Computer doesn’t seem to get through either

running at 9600Baud in both the Sketch and Comport.

Any ideas on What the Problem could be,

Whether you need to set up the digital pins 1,0 to work as Rx,Tx in the sketch or they just function automatically

any Help would be greatly appreciated

Ok I've figured it out, I believe the Bluetooth module has a default Baud rate of 115,200, so when you start sending through at that bit-rate it starts working,

also those Tx and Rx Led still don't light up it seems they only used when sending through the USB port.

now just to figure out how to change those Baud rates around, should be in the documentation somewhere.

have you made any progress? i am having an issue getting any communication going after connection. putty just sits there and doesn't display the serial text i am expecting