Arduino Duemilanove + GPS Shield - NOT WORKING

Hi people.

I’m trying to use my GPS Shield ( with my Arduino Duemilanove. But it DOES NOT work.

I uploaded the following code without errors, but when i open the Serial Monitor the only thing that is shown is

GPS Shield QuickStart Example Sketch v12

  • …waiting for lock… *
#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
#include <TinyGPS.h>

#define RXPIN 2
#define TXPIN 3

#define TERMBAUD  115200

#define GPSBAUD  4800

TinyGPS gps;

SoftwareSerial uart_gps(RXPIN, TXPIN);

void getgps(TinyGPS &gps);

void setup()
  // Sets baud rate of your terminal program
  // Sets baud rate of your GPS
  Serial.println("GPS Shield QuickStart Example Sketch v12");
  Serial.println("       ...waiting for lock...           ");

void loop()
  while(uart_gps.available())     // While there is data on the RX pin...
      int c =;    // load the data into a variable...
      if(gps.encode(c))      // if there is a new valid sentence...
        getgps(gps);         // then grab the data.

// The getgps function will get and print the values we want.
void getgps(TinyGPS &gps)
  // Define the variables that will be used
  float latitude, longitude;
  // Then call this function
  gps.f_get_position(&latitude, &longitude);
  // You can now print variables latitude and longitude
  Serial.print("Lat/Long: "); 
  Serial.print(", "); 
  // Same goes for date and time
  int year;
  byte month, day, hour, minute, second, hundredths;
  // Print data and time
  Serial.print("Date: "); Serial.print(month, DEC); Serial.print("/"); 
  Serial.print(day, DEC); Serial.print("/"); Serial.print(year);
  Serial.print("  Time: "); Serial.print(hour, DEC); Serial.print(":"); 
  Serial.print(minute, DEC); Serial.print(":"); Serial.print(second, DEC); 
  Serial.print("."); Serial.println(hundredths, DEC);
  //Since month, day, hour, minute, second, and hundr
  Serial.print("Altitude (meters): "); Serial.println(gps.f_altitude());  
  // Same goes for course
  Serial.print("Course (degrees): "); Serial.println(gps.f_course()); 
  // And same goes for speed
  Serial.print("Speed(kmph): "); Serial.println(gps.f_speed_kmph());
  // Here you can print statistics on the sentences.
  unsigned long chars;
  unsigned short sentences, failed_checksum;
  gps.stats(&chars, &sentences, &failed_checksum);
  //Serial.print("Failed Checksums: ");Serial.print(failed_checksum);
  //Serial.println(); Serial.println();
  // Here you can print the number of satellites in view
  Serial.print("Satellites: ");

It also may be important to say that the red light on the GPS is not blinking, as it was supposed to.

Please, tell me what could I do.

Thanks :slight_smile: