Arduino Duemilanove Schematic Diagram

Hello everyone… I am doing my final year project and I have to do a software simulation for my final year project. My project is design and developing a SCR gate controller circuit. And I am using arduino duemilanove to accept the interrupt signal from the zero crossing detector and send the firing pulse to the SCR in a H bridge rectifier. I am required to do simulation before I can proceed in the hardware. Currently I am using PSIM. I came across the schematic of the device which is way to complicated. Can I get any sort of schematic diagram for the arduino or any other idea on which is the better software that might in associate with Arduino. Any assistance will be much appreciated…

arduino-duemilanove-schematic.pdf (47.4 KB)

You want like a bare minimum arduino design?
No regulator, no USB/Serial interface, no headers for programming?

hey thanks… but is there a schematic for the whole design… for an example, i found this in google… If i use this and create a block later simulate it with an rectifier, can i get my desired output?

arduino-duemilanove-schematic.pdf (47.4 KB)

You said "I came across the schematic of the device which is way to complicated." That is the whole board. So what is it you really want? Perhaps just the microcontroller itself? All datasheets are listed here and you can find application notes as well. has data on the USB/Serial adapter, FT232R.