Arduino Duemilanove Vs UNO

Why would you buy the duemilanove over the uno? just wondering if i should stock duemilanoves alongside unos?

outside the usb interface (which has nothing to do with arduino, and if you want to dev for it why bother as its a standard AVR) and a apparently semi buggy bootloader that offers bad coders more space to run out of and kiddies a extra half microsecond programming speed

why bother keeping both around, once the software hits the chip there is zero difference

I really dont get the uno from a users standpoint … it offers very little to no real benefit

I totally get it from arduino’s standpoint though

Well I think people will only really want the Uno now it is the latest board.

The people who might want to buy the duemilanove are probably people who are more apt at all this and quite a lot of people wouldn’t then go for a duemilanove as there are other compatible boards that are cheaper/do more and they’ve probably already paid their bit of money into the ‘arduino support fund’ :smiley:


I’d go for the duemilanove’s.
The uno uses a new thing for the USB interface, the duemilanove uses a tried, tested and at least to me… instant working and transparant operation.
It is the old tried&tested vs new&supposedly fancy.
I’m a fan of tried&tested.

Having read many of the posting of people having various problems setting up their UNO boards that depending on the PC OS being used, newcomers might be better off holding off awhile on the UNO until all the various problems and issues get resolved. Either wait awhile or buy the prior Duemelanove board.

The Duemilnove has been around long enough to have the bugs ironed out, its well trusted and it works, too many issues with the Uno with what I’ve read on here. Maybe stock the real Uno and one of the many Duemilanove clones around ?

UNO… Buggy? Not to me. I had no issue getting mine working.

Messing with the USB? Maybe later.

Regarding not using the FTDI CHIP… I Love this idea.

That fact that I have some freedom to change how the USB behaves… Love that even more.