arduino duemilanove

I just bought a brand new arduino duemilanove and i follow the directions exactly to install the arduino and link it to my software that it tells me to get online and it wont work for some reason. could someone please help me with normal directions that actually work? my operating system is windows 7, which is the latest system out for windows and i dont see why arduino duemilanove wouldnt work on that system. please help!

The normal instructions do work fine - I installed my first Duemilanove on two different Windows 7 machines (both 32-bit) just a few days ago.

Are your drivers installed? What exactly is failing to work?

Hello everyone. I have just bought an Arduino ATmega328 board and an ATmega1280 board and connecting the 328 up showed nothing at all when plugged in. I couldn't install the drivers and tried another computer with the same results. My many years of electronics taught me to always check the power first so I swapped the usb A-B board lit up and I was in business. I got the 16x2 display working within minutes. :) I think the Arduino is a very nice way for many people wishing to have a go with programming and projects.