Arduino + DVD-player + button box project

Hey Arduino users,

For a schoolproject i have to use a adruino. I want to make a box that can provide videoclips. My thougts where to make it from an old dvd player from a car. Then make 5 videos and put those videos on a usb-stick and the usb-stick in the dvd-player. Next i want to make a box with 5 buttons, so when u push button 1, video 1 wil appear on the screen. And when u push button 2, video 2 will show on the dvd player and so on. I want the box (the buttons of the box) and the DVD-player connected with the arduino.

I really don’t know if this is possible with an adruino. Can anyone help me with this?

If you need more information about what i want to do please let me know

So the first step is: How do you play the selected videos on the DVD player? Is there one button per video? Is there a series of buttons you have to press to select a video? Does it matter which video is already playing? Is there a remote control you have to use?

Thanks for replying Johnwasser.

my Idea was to have 5 buttons and when u push button 1 the adruino will notice that and will look for video 1 on the dvd player (i want to put an USB in the dvd player with the video's on it).

My problem is that i really don't know that much about an adruino so i don't know if this is realistic.

Yes there is 1 button per video. No there is just 1 button for on and off, so when u push the on/off button the dvd player will go on (So at the end there will be 6 buttons on the box 1 for on/off and 5 for video's). When there is a video already playing and u push another button then the video that is playing will stop and the other video wil start playing.(this was my idea but maybe its better to do it different) There is no remote u have to use, the only way to interact with the box are the buttons.

PS, if you are from The Netherlands u also can reply in Dutch

OK. Sounds possible.

The second step is to figure out how the DVD Player buttons are connected to the internal processor. Have you searched for a schematic of your DVD Player? If you could find one, that would be very helpful. Without a schematic you have to open up the device and study the button wiring. There are two ways the buttons could work:

1) (Best case!) Each button has one side grounded and the other side connects to a pin on the internal processor. This is like setting an Arduino pin to INPUT_PULLUP. A pull-up resistor is holding the line HIGH unless the button connects it to Ground.

2) Matrix. Each 'row' of buttons has one side connected to a 'row' pin on the processor and each 'column' of buttons has the other side connected to a 'column' pin on the processor. The processor puts a HIGH signal on one row at a time and checks the column pins to see if the HIGH signal shows up on any of them. If it does, the button connecting that row and column is closed. This is like the Keypad library on the Arduino. It allows R*C buttons to be connected with only R+C pins.

You have to figure out which you have.