Arduino E bike Display

Hi guys and gals, I am planing my next Aruino project but this time it will be based on my current E-Bike build. I do have parts left over from my other projects in my spare parts bin which I am hoping to use with this build to keep the costs down

I have picked up a few skills from my previous build but this one is well an truly above my current skills but I am not afraid of learning and getting my hands dirty.

Scope I am planing a Display based around the 4D Systems SK-28PTU-AR PICASO, 2.8" LCD and an Ardinuo UNO for now combining it with an 48 volt 1000 watt bike motor.

I have done a bit of research but are still not 100% across all aspects of this build. If you have built one in the past or just built parts of my vision I am open to help and always have time to bounce ideas around

The feature I want to include are-

Voltage of 4 x 12 volt cells ( the power for my 48 Volt 1000 watt BIke motor) Combined Voltage AMPS WATTS Battery Warning when low Speed Distance till recharge/empty saved to EEPROM Distance travelled saved to EEPROM Lights Head light Tail Light Indicators Body lights MP3 Player Wifi or USB Storage Small Speakers Head phones

Part I have currently are Batteries 4 x 20000mAh DC 12V Rechargeable Protable Super Li-ion Batterys

1 x 26" Electric Bicycle E-Bike Conversion Kit Brushless Motor 48V 1000W Rear Wheel

1 x uLCD-28PTU-AR 4D systems 2.8" touchscreen

4 x 0-25 volt voltage sensors

1 x 12 Volt buck down to power Arduino from main battery bank

1 x 8 Channel 12 Volt Octcoupler or 2 x 4 Channel Mofset relys

Areas and parts to research

1 x Reed Switch or Hall effect sensor needed to obtain speed, distances traveled and range of battery

1 x 48 volt voltage senor

1 x USB storage for music

1 x headphone outputs

1 x wifi, bluetooth or some other way of getting music into the storage on the e bike unless I could use my phone as the media player and the bike as the speakers?? need more research on this one

Recharging the batteries- from what I can see there are adaptors that will connect to each 12 volt battery and charge it individually but if there is a way I can balance all 4 with only 1 plug in I am all for it.