arduino eagle modules?

Im looking for a library file i think, that has different arduino models as parts. specifically the arduino nano and pro mini 5v

Is there such a set that these included for easily making pcbs to plug these into?

On the Products page, all the Arduinos are listed. There are Eagle files for all of them.

Those are the eagle files to construct the actual board of the arduino itself, im talking about using it as a whole like the parts that make it up

There are not publishred Parts Lists for the boards.
Within Eagle, you can use File:Export:PartList as a good starting point. Gives you the sizes of all the parts needed to look up parts at Digikey or Mouser or DipMicro or TaydaElectronics for example (looking up female headers and male header pins is pain in the butt at Digikey/Mouser, just buried too deep).

no lol i guess im not making enough sense.

what i want to ultimately achieve is to be able to make a schematic and board in eagle, click on Add Part, and add a Pro Mini to the schematic. Like you would add resistors or other ICs

Well given that i couldn't get my idea across, i went ahead and modified an existing library to have a pro mini part.

It seems to look right on paper but i guess ill find out some time this week when i make the board

Arduino-ProMini.lbr (9.38 KB)

There are shields in the adafruit and sparkfun libraries that pretty much do that, showing where all the pins are.
Gives you a place to put headers to put pins that could could into a header, or a place to put a header if one had a pin equipped Arduiono.

I've never had much need to plug a populated Arduino onto a board - I just build the Arduino functionality in, for example on this shift register board, where you can clearly see the an Arduino less USB Serial interface chip at the lower left.
(I just got 10 more bare boards in if anyone needs a board with 96 high current sinking pins)

I was just thinking about this the other day as well. The idea is to create a component that has the board outline and header placement for a shield for each version of Arduino modules. This would make it easy (less difficult?) to create a new shield project. You could spend time on the shield function and not have to worry so much about getting the shield interconnects right.

Your ProMini looks mostly good. I downloaded your component and added it to the ProMini eagle board definition downloaded from Sparkfun. The headers line up correctly, but the component board outline appears to be just slightly larger than the ProMini outline. If that was your intent then you succeeded. Good luck with your board.

I plan to do one of these for the Mega Pro module, unless someone has aready done one. Do folks who have more experience think such component definitions of the board interconnects is useful?

I guess the other way to do this is to start from the Arduino eagle definition, duplicate it for the new design and delete the unnecessary components, then add components for the new design.

What do other folks do?

Does anyone have any other suggestions about how to do this?

"the other way to do this is to start from the Arduino eagle definition, duplicate it for the new design and delete the unnecessary components,"

That's what I do when I want a compatible header layout to start from.

Here is my simple Pro Mini library.I use these things in all of my projects so I created a simple library for the layout of the pins and board outline. When my prototype comes back from the fab house I solder on female headers to the PCB and just plug in my Arduino.

If anyone has any improvements, please let me know.