Arduino EasyVR Compiling / Upload Error [SOLVED]

I Downloaded all the files I was supposed to put them in the Arduino libraries esc… and Tried uploading the code that EasyVR generated after i made several commands. this all went smoothly, but once I got to Arduino and tried to run the code that EasyVR made I got this error? can anyone help me?

1.The EasyVR_AccessControl_Demo.pde give me the same error as well.

2.I disconnected my pin 12 & 13 also to see if that might change it with no luck. I attached the files it is giving me the errors on and also the test.pde code the EasyVR made for me… PLEASE HELP!!!

Compiling Error:
In file included from test.pde:3:
C:\Users\DoctorRight\Documents\Arduino\libraries\SoftwareSerial/SoftwareSerial.h:52: error: conflicting return type specified for ‘virtual void SoftwareSerial::write(uint8_t)’
C:\Program Files\Arduino\hardware\arduino\cores\arduino/Print.h:48: error: overriding ‘virtual size_t Print::write(uint8_t)’?

SoftwareSerial.h (1.8 KB)

test.pde (3.15 KB)

Print.h (2.45 KB)

I am not getting any errors from your code. What IDE version are you using?

Figured it out. For anyone having this problem. You placed the wrong version of arduino EasyVR library in your libraries folder. I needed to delete both the NewSoft and Software


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