Arduino Eclipse Baeyens - Private and contributed libraries problem


I am having a real issue trying to figure out how to add my libraries to Eclipse.

I know there are quite a few questions about this and I think I might just have read them all over the past few days! (Obviously with the exception of the ones that would help me figure out how to do it). For some reason the actual solution is completely eluding me...

I am working on a project that is of ever increasing size. So far I have been mostly designing classes for the various objects I need. It's all gone pretty well and I really like the product.

Now I am starting to need to add some functionality and I have been using a couple of the core libraries for this. All good so far.

But now I need to start to bring in some on my own libraries and several third party libraries.
I just can't figure out how to do it...

I currently have all the library folders in ~/Arduino/Libraries
The ones I need all work fine from the Arduino IDE where I was developing and testing them before I decided to try out Eclipse.

I have seen solutions that suggest I need to set a path for my 'personal library folder'... but I can't find an option for that in preferences->arduino (or anywhere else)

I'm using v3.0.0 on mac OS X 10.11

Is there a way to do what I want to do? There must be so I guess I am missing something really stupid here.

Please help...


Do I just navigate to the required library the folder in Finder and drag and drop it onto the library folder?!?
Never occurred to me before - Doh!

I guess it could be wrong but for now...

Hmm... Actually, the whole 'project properties' dialog seems pretty useful, huh! Who'd have thought to look there...blush

As usual the cause of the problem is staring right back from the mirror.

slap head...grab double espresso...slap head again (several times)

After a bit more head scratching and a few more coffees I discovered the following...

It really helps if the path to your libraries is the ACTUAL path to your libraries.

I finally discovered where the option for specifying the 'Private Library Path' is.
I was accessing the Arduino Preferences by clicking the arrow beside Arduino, which reveals three options but does NOT expose the Workspace Settings panel.

It really would have helped me if this was also exposed as an entry in the expanded list of choices.

Anyway, the path was somehow wrong... Not sure why/how since I dot think I could have changed it (not knowing it existed) and I have not moved any folders since installing Eclipse...

Anyway, entering the correct path makes everything far more sensible and the anticipated behaviour is achieved.