Arduino Editor / IoT Cloud disk quota exceeded issue?

Is there an issue, or others experiencing any issues, using the Adriono Editor or IoT Cloud editor? I currently cannot get it to compile and it's stuck at the "BUSY" state when trying to save the sketch before verifying/uploading to the device.

Just ran a verify process, and it took at least 5m+ to compile and verify. I'm a paid member, so don't think I have any compute restrictions?

Okay just got this error

{"message":"\"\\\"trylock /mnt/create-efs/webide/8e/0c/8e0cba3d8a9e42db026e849520288958:rumbaar/compilations/Leisure_Room_Shutter_may29a.bin: disk quota exceeded\\\"\\n\"","status":500}

I only have 5 things (5 variables each), and they're around 7kb (31kb of 1000 MB used). I don't have any logging in my sketches.

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