Arduino electric noise filter for VCC... done ritgh?

Hi to all... Im having troubles with noise on an arduino board on a application...

I was suggested to add some capacitor filters between the VCC and the arduino board...

I take some values; 3300uF, 2200uF, 22uF, 1uF, 0.47uF

And make a simultation ... Some images here.

So... this will be good for the arduino???? I just think to add two leds... one for main coming and other for indicate ouput... just in case one of the caps short or so...

I like to know if there is a good filter to add as standard on my projects.

Thanks in advance. -Alex.

To reduce noise, it depends on the sensor and your circuit. There are many ways to reduce noise.

Suppose you have a very bad noisy switching wall wart as power supply, and that is connected to the Arduino Uno via the DC barrel jack. And the Arduino voltage regulator can somehow not get rid of all the noise.

The solution would be simple : throw away that very bad wall wart.

Hi, as asked in the other forum, what are the specs of the LED you are using?

It looks like you have them connected across two phases of the motors, not a good idea as you have a 3 phase winding and AC currents running everywhere.

I'd say you do not have noise, but induced current from other fan wiring running in parallel in the wire channel that the motor wires run back to the control panel.

Instead of an indicator on the motor, place an indicator in parallel with the respective contactor coil.

Tom...... :) Its also a good idea t keep a circuit diagram of your work as you build it.

Thanks Peter. I read you,.... Bet a better power supply... The reason because I use this switching power and not a regular transformer one is being a 220v 3ph system sometimes one of the phases becomes 0 due to short, or main failure... And I want to have the arduino power the idea was to asd a line watcher to rear three phases and avoid damage from very high or very low voltage in one or in three pH.


Hi tom... Thanks for the reply... Is an interesting toutgth.... The evap motors are 220 2ph and uses capacitor tos start, as you mention the induced current may be a problem.

Above is the link of some diagrams were made during the construction.

I was suggested to put varistors acrros the coils of the contactor's and motors to avoid start high voltaje peak.

Any tougths?

To read a phase of mains voltage, use a transformer. For three phases, use three transformers. Convert the output to a voltage and feed it to the Arduino with some protection resistors.
The website of openenergymonitor has a lot information about these things.

When you power the Arduino from a few different voltages, use diodes to a combined point. If that voltage can get too high, use a DC-DC converter to create a nice voltage for the Arduino.

Hi, what are the specs of the indicator lights that you have across the fan motors.

Tom..... :)

Vi Tom... Are led indicators ligths ... 220vac copacitor decoupled.... I look for the manufacture an post it latter :D

Many thanks for the sugestions peter! Will do so!