Arduino Elegoo Uno R3 Libraries


I am an artist who is looking to become familiar with the Arduino software. I had purchased a starter kit from Elegoo and I have so far been happy with what I have received.

However I kept running into a basic problem as I started following their tutorials which is probably right in front of my face but i cant seem to figure it out. The tutorial wants me to use a library that I have to locate on my computer but it doesnt seem to exist?

I am on a mac and so their explanation for Mac is much more vague but basically they said go to Sketch > Include Library > Add ZIP Library but they don't specifically say what library they want me to add? on the image it says the library I want is already under Library in the finder menu and is called except for the fact that it doesnt exist on my computer.

I am assuming that it is only an example and not actually what you need to upload, but I am on lesson 5 and it keeps telling me to access the Code Folder to access the information to do the tutorial. I do not know where this magical code folder is that specifically points to the lessons they are teaching and it is really messing up my groove. I am assuming that the ZIP. libraries have something to do with it but I am not sure. Could somebody help me out? I can provide screenshots and a better explanation of my issue if necessary.

Thank you!

Post a link to this tutorial you speak of. Please use the chain links icon on the toolbar when you post links to the forum to make them clickable.