Arduino email library?

Does it exist?

Umm, an email library that does what?

Do you mean sending an email using an arduino and ethernet shield?

There are already a few threads with this topic.

Check this:

yes, I saw the threads, but they do not talk about an existing library, that's why I'm asking.

You did not describe what you want to do.

You do not always need a library. You can program a sketch without it ;)

I'm lazy. ::)

So... what exactly do you want to do?

Of course, sending an email upon an "event" (i.e. specific input). But aI read about complexity due to authentication and encryption, so I really need a library... ::)

Link #1:

You are probably better off using an intermediate server (or proxy). You could have a small script running on a web server that the Arduino sends a request to. The script could then generate and send the email for you. The overhead to form a HTTP request (and send it) is far smaller than communicating with an SMTP server.

Thanks for your help, but if nobody has info about SMTP libraries, I think I’ ll be “forced” by moderators to ask in the other threads. :frowning:

Well, roll your won lib, you will learn a lot that way.