Arduino Emulate a SD Card


I have a digital frame, that uses sdcard to read the jpeg files.

I know it is possible arduino to read/write data from SDcards.

What I want to do is use the LCD's frame, BUT in a different way:

The frame has some input buttons, usually: next, previous, ..., with arduino is quite simple to command this, just connecting to digital pins. In normal function, when we "press" the next button, the frame reads a picture from the SDcard.

By reading some posts in arduino forum, I saw that arduino uses SPI to communicate with SDcards, and I thingk digital frame too.

It is possible that connecting arduino "between" the digital frame and SDcards, and when the frame request a file from SDCards, the arduino change the request file name, and the SDCard returns any other file?

For example, to make a temperature indicator, in SDcard we have 50 pictures (0º to 50º), when sensor change temperature, arduino "press" next button, the frame request another file, arduino "cacth" the request, and change the file name, to the file that indicate the temperature value of the sensor", and SDcard returns to frame the correct file.

Thanks in advance, Ribeiro Santos

It is possible that connecting arduino "between" the digital frame and SDcards,

I assume you meant to say "Is it possible" this is a question. The way you wrote it is a statement that it is.

I think that this is not possible as a picture frame would not be asking for a file name but reading the file system's directory, seeing what addresses are stored there and then reading the blocks of data corresponding to the next file. So at no time would it be "requesting a file name" from the memory card.

Nice idea but they don't work like that.

Hi delphi,

what about this solution for your idea.

The SD-Card Display Controller (SDCDC) uses the growing number of MMC/SD card based devices, especially those with display capabilities. The idea behind SDCDC is to fake an SD Card with an LM3S811 ARM microcontroller in order to fool a device with SD port.

Have a look at this URL: