Arduino Emulated DS18B20 Unable to read by Teltonika

Hi guys, I have a emulated DS18B20 on Arduino. It is working good as in it was able to transmit the temperature to older version of Teltonika. But now there are new models of Teltonika which able to the ROM of one wire save device. But when I connect my emulated DS18B20 to this new model of Teltonika, ROM is unable to read by this Teltonika.

I have tried to measure the voltage of the one wire data pin of this Teltonika, the voltage keep varying from 3.7V to around 0V. But when I try to measure one wire data pin of old version the voltage is stable a 3.7V.

I suspect the reason why new Teltonika can't read emulated DS18B20 is because of the timing of .cpp file. Below is the timing of .cpp file

const unsigned long ResetMinDuration = 480;
    const unsigned long ResetMaxDuration = 900;

    const unsigned long PresenceWaitDuration = 30;
    const unsigned long PresenceDuration = 300;

    const unsigned long ReadBitSamplingTime = 25;

    const unsigned long SendBitDuration = 35;

I hope I can get some helps from this forum. Thank you.

Regards, Nick