Arduino Emulator

First post…

I have been reading about micrcontrollers in general and the Arduino in particular for a few months now. I have a Diecimila on the way but I’m itching to get started.

Is there any such thing as an Arduino emulator / simulator for windows that will allow me to write sketches and “upload” them to a fake on-screen arduino with simulated led’s etc?



i hope that your board has arrived by now. but to still answer your question: no there isn’t an emulator for a arduino boards as far as i know. mainly because there isn’t a need (if you have a board that is :-). the board is cheap and uploading a new sketch is as fast as it would be to start an emulator.

i admit that i wanted one to exist when i was waiting for my first board to arrive. but i don’t think i would have learned much from it. programming the board mostly isn’t the problem for beginners but designing stable circuits… how would an emulator handle setups that “work” but will burn your leds within a couple of minutes? after all i think arduino is about getting the logic out of you computer into the real world. a “real” emulator would probably be a nice thing to share and demonstrate designs over the web, but you’d need to be able to define external components and their behaviour which makes this a big big project.

hope you have fun with your board now. and welcome to the forum.


Since Arduino is C based, you can do SOME tinkering in a native host environment, either replacing arduino calls temporarily with posix-style calls (printc instead of Serial.print(c,BYTE)) or (much more work) writing the arduino functions for the native environment (hnm. May already be present in “processing”, though that project seems to address much different needs.) For some applications, this is very valuable. For others, it’s useless…