Arduino Emulator.

Is there any sort of Arduino Emulator?

I'd like a simple way to track the values of all my variables in real time and to also execute my code line by line.

Currently, I have Serial.print lines everywhere (or a call for a "test function" that I've have made that serial.prints "Test[x]).

Did you google this at all? I found this right off the bat leads to the Atmel ICE, $300, or there are other options.

So, if your problem is not enougth ram, putting a lot of prints will only make it worse. You can execute code step by step in AvrStudio, just pull all the included files by your project into an avrstudio project and debug it.

Senso, it would be great if you could write up a little more detail on how to do this!! I'm new to the ATMEL world and Arduino hides all that...