Arduino en Adafruit PN532

Hi I have a problem. I am not a genius with programming, but have been able to set a system with a MAGA 2650 and adafruit to read my NFC Rfids and connected this to a set of relais that control my Marklin events for train programming. I now have set a second unit up and uploaded the same program.
Unfortunately the program does read the RFid chip, but continues to scroll for new entries.

It is the same program, the same Maga board (as far as I can see) and the same PN532. I have swapped the PN532 and with the old configuration and it shows the same problem.

Does any of you have a suggestion what to do? Again, I am not a star in programming and have limited knowledge. Help would be appreciated.

kind regards


Hoi Rene, welkom als actief lid van het forum.

Dit is het Nederlandstalige gedeelte, dus hier spreken (typen) we Nederlands.

Just in case you're not actually Dutch, i'll continue in English.
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With the limited information i can refine from your post above, i think both RFID shield and sketch can be ruled out, because they work on the other board.
So that leaves the MEGA256 board you are using, and which you think is the same.
Take a peek at the Adafruit product page (Adafruit has an excellent track record on supporting their products).
There's a remark about the MEGA board version to use, and what to do when it's not the version you've got (which means you can solve it without buying a new board).
Start there and please report back.

bedankt voor je antwoord, wist niet zeker of het NL of E was. Dus zal het voortaan in NL doen.

Ik ga er kijken en hoop dat daar de oplossing te vinden.

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