Arduino, encoders, Roboteq....can it work?

I'm starting to look into the Arduino to tinker with it. But I have a project that I would like to build. Perhaps just a proof of concept but it would be really useful if I could actually build it for real.

I want to build something very much like this:

Two wheels which I'm guessing have optical encoders which drive two motors to handle pan and tilt of a camera. The motors need to be beefy and responsive. Same for the encoders.

I happen to have one of these-

-so the heavy lifting as far as motor control goes I am hoping is done for me.

Mostly, I'm just curious if the Arduino can do it in your opinion. I'll start working on the design and learning up what all I need if someone says that it can be done. It seems simple on paper. Continuously read a couple of encoders, process it (allowing for things like programmed stops or not, speed changing by multiplying/dividing the input, etc.) and then sending it to the Roboteq which will drive the motors. Position does need to be precise.

Seems simple. But then I only know enough about electronics to get into trouble.

What do you think??

The Roboteq controller will handle a lot of that. Most of them will accept encoder inputs and serial commands. All you may need the Arduino for is to translate from USB to TTL serial and send it on to the Roboteq.

Note, some of the newer Roboteqs even have a BASIC language script engine inside.