Arduino Engineering Kit - FAQ

I just wanted to give a quick update: The reset button is something that you should get used to when doing this engineering kit. For some reason the ports will change on the MKR board and this has been the problem for me. Fortunately, after discussions with both Matlab and the Arduino team, I have learned that simply double pushing the reset button on the MKR board and re-trying to download appears to have great success. This becomes very clear when you are in Chapter 3 and you are pushing new motor controls to the board and having to do the double reset in between these steps because the MKR board has now jumped to a new COM port on your computer.

Tharless, I just wanted to thank you for posting your issue and updates on here. I hope you post more so others like me can learn from you. :)

Hello Valentina Chinnici, Thank you and the Arduino team for the Engineering Kit. I am a little old fashioned and like a printable pdf (adobe) version of the course, while going through the lessons. I sent a text to the technical support email to ask if Arduino was interested and have not received a response. When I signed up on 08-31-2018 I could not find a pdf format document for the course. You may have something like that somewhere on your web site, but I looked everywhere and could not find it and no link to anything like it on the Forum (as of when I searched on 09-01-2018). So, as I went through the course material over the last 24 days I compiled a printable, adobe (pdf) version and call it the Arduino Engineering Kit MATLAB Simulink Manual. It has all the full color figures, equations, course content, data sheets, and some other essential things from your web site. (I also corrected a few minor errors in the equations and some typo's I noticed.)

I did change the format to Times New Roman font to make it easier to read when printed. The only other changes were: 1. Add a cover page (showing the kit), 2. A Table of contents (for each section of what turned out to be a 420 page manual), 3. Numbered the sections in each chapter (with the same order as presented in the course chapters), 4. Made 3 appendices (to get Arduino newbies started quicker and include all the datasheets), 5. Changed some colors and the font to make it more pleasing to my eyes, and 6. Changed each scope figure with a black background by inverting it to a white background to save toner for printing.

I want to give it at no cost, free to anyone who purchases the Engineers Kit, to Arduino as a way of saying thank you for such a great kit at such a great price. However, before uploading it to the forum, I would like to upload it to you for your review and approval. Do you have a link for that? Is anyone else in the forum interested? It is only 29MB in total. Can upload each chapter individually also.

Thank you again. Best regards, Joe

In section 3 we need to download sketches to test the hardware.
These are saved as a .zip format but cannot be extracted.
The files are said to be “invalid”.
I have tried adding them as a ZIP Library via the IDE to no avail. Version 1.8.5.
The file title looks to be in the correct format.
Scanned it with Sophos anti virus. No problems there. Contains 3 files 1.08 MB.
Tried to extract on a different computer (Windows 7 & Windows 8). No help.

Am I missing something obvious here?

Hi Philip_Weir, Try another Zip utility like 7_Zip File manager. Don't know if that is the problem. But sometimes Windows will not allow un-zipping certain files from the internet. Another trick is to email the zip file to yourself, then see if Windows will unzip it. Good luck. Joe

I verified that the 7_Zip file manager worked to unzip the files in Section 3.
Windows was blocking them on my windows 7 computer and on an older Windows XP computer.

Link to Z_zip is

Once unzipped you should see the following files (my drive:\folder for this is F:\01 Arduino Eng\code)


F:\01 Arduino Eng Kit\code\Blink


F:\01 Arduino Eng Kit\code\Fade


F:\01 Arduino Eng Kit\code\Hall_sensor_test


F:\01 Arduino Eng Kit\code\IMU_test


F:\01 Arduino Eng Kit\code\Motor_test


F:\01 Arduino Eng Kit\code\Motor_test_encoder


F:\01 Arduino Eng Kit\code\Servo_test


F:\01 Arduino Eng Kit\code\UltrasonicRF_test

Hope that helps.

Hi Joe,

Thanks for your help. That sorted out the issue. I had considered downloading another version of software but up until now there has never been any issues with other zip files so I thought the problem lay elsewhere.


Phil, You are welcome. I think Windows blocked them because they originated in a country other than the US.

Hi Joe,

Any chance someone can view that .pdf? I like the idea of it and I even have some minor gripes on part 6 that I might be able to suggest a revision for. Anyways, just a request to see if I can view it for now. Thanks!


Hi Todd,

As Blaise Pascal wrote, I would make this response brief if only I had time to do that.

Initially the reason I put the pdf manual together was to give it to purchasers of the kit to help out in my small way. So, I am happy to provide it to you privately, as I expect that since you have been going through the kit, you purchased it.

I do not want to make this complicated, but considering the following, we need a way to exchange the document that satisfies your desire to review the pdf, satisfies Arduino's copyright requirements, and some other concerns Arduino customer support has informed me of.

I received an email from Carlos Rodriguez, Arduino Customer Support, asking me to hold off on sharing the pdf in a public way and that only to licensed Arduino Engineering Kit purchasers.

Arduino Customer support is concerned with 1) the newness of the course, i.e. puting it in the public prmaturely, errors in the course will quickly make the document obsolete, 2) access to the course materials by those who have not purchased the kit, 3) unethical entities who will copy the course and sell an unauthorized version of the kit & course, 4) other concerns.

Nonetheless, I expect that for only $245, if someone unethical wants to copy the kit and course, it is easy enough to simply buy it and do what any decent and honest person would not do.

That being the case, Carlos did not specifically ask that they review it first and I do not see any harm in a collaboration on our part to eliminate any errata going through the kit course, if done privately only among a small group of ethical individuals verified to have purchased the kit. It seems that will only help out with most of Carlos' concerns.

Nonetheless, since this forum is public, I do not know how to give you my private email so that I can exchange it privately to you. I would rather not put my email in the public forum, etc.

If a forum moderator (or you) can provide guidance on this, so that I am providing it to you privately, somehow verify that you have a valid license, and make sure Arduino customer support is okay with it, I'll send it to you in total, right away. After all I am not the author, just the lowly scribner.

Best regards, Joe

where are the instructions/videos explaining how to assemble the projects? I've seen several posts referring to them, but have seen no URLs or references in the materials included in the kits.


To register your kit with the code on the box in AEK Platform check the link:

To login to the AEK Platform and view the course content visit:

Thanks. While this shows the instructions for Matlab and using the Arduino, I've not been able to find the instructions for building the three physical engineering projects themselves.


The AEK course content consists of 6 chapters, the first three chapters are intended to get started with Arduino, Matlab and Simulink and the last three chapters provides you the instructions to build the three projects.

Does the platform allow for multiple users login with on registration code?

Hello, I couldn't get the kit since it sold out, how long would it take to be available for sale again? thanks.

Hi Valentina,

Would you be able to escalate my bug / incompatibility with MacOS post entitled "bad CPU type in executable" posted on Mar 04, 2020, 09:00 pm? I am getting this error when running arduinosetup from Matlab and trying to Program the MKR1000 with MKRMotorCarrier fitter - can not progress forward in the Arduino Engineering Kit as a result (stuck at Chapter 2 Matlab Getting Started - Configuring Arduino Libraries).

I am using a Mac Air with MacOS 10.5.3. I have installed: MKRMotorCarrier library version 1.05 Arduino AVR boards 1.8.2 Arduino SAMD Boards 1.8.5

I am recovering from an illness preventing me from working and this is the perfect opportunity to complete the AEK, so it is very frustrating that I can not progress in the course due to this issue. The AEK states Mac compatibility but this is not the case for me.

Many thanks in advance! Mike (in New Zealand)


I am currently working my way through the engineering kit and have been able to successfully run the dc motor characterisation tutorial using Matlab 2019a. But I am unable to run the Simulink tutorial. I get the following error in the diagnostic viewer:

C:/ProgramData/MATLAB/SupportPackages/R2019a/3P.instrset/arduinoide.instrset/idepkgs/tools/arm-none-eabi-gcc/4.8.3-2014q1/bin/arm-none-eabi-g++ -std=gnu++11 -fno-threadsafe-statics -fno-rtti -fno-exceptions -Os -c -g -w -ffunction-sections -fdata-sections -nostdlib --param max-inline-insns-single=500 -Dprintf=iprintf -DARDUINO=10801 -MMD -MP -MF"MW_PWM.dep" -MT"MW_PWM.o" -MMD -mcpu=cortex-m0plus -fpermissive -DF_CPU=48000000L -DARDUINO_SAMD_MKR1000 -DARDUINO_ARCH_SAMD -D_SAMD21G18A_ -mthumb -DUSB_VID=0x2341 -DUSB_PID=0x824e -DUSBCON -DUSB_MANUFACTURER=\""Unknown\"" -DUSB_PRODUCT=\""Genuino MKR1000\"" -D_RUNONTARGETHARDWARE_BUILD_ -D_ROTH_MKR1000_ -DMODEL=myDCMotorControl -DNUMST=1 -DNCSTATES=0 -DHAVESTDIO -DMODEL_HAS_DYNAMICALLY_LOADED_SFCNS=0 -DON_TARGET_WAIT_FOR_START=1 -DCLASSIC_INTERFACE=0 -DALLOCATIONFCN=0 -DTID01EQ=0 -DEXT_MODE=1 -DONESTEPFCN=1 -DTERMFCN=1 -DMULTI_INSTANCE_CODE=0 -DINTEGER_CODE=0 -DMT=0 -DXCP_CUSTOM_PLATFORM -DEXIT_FAILURE=1 -DEXTMODE_DISABLEPRINTF -DEXTMODE_DISABLETESTING -DEXTMODE_DISABLE_ARGS_PROCESSING=1 -DSTACK_SIZE=64 -D_MW_TARGET_USE_HARDWARE_RESOURCES_H_ -DRT -DMW_TIMERID=9 -DMW_PRESCALAR=256 -DMW_TIMERCOUNT=18750 -DMW_SCHEDULERCOUNTER=1 -D_RTT_BAUDRATE_SERIAL0_=9600 -D_RTT_BAUDRATE_SERIAL1_=9600 -D_RTT_ANALOG_REF_=0 -DCLASSIC_INTERFACE=0 -DALLOCATIONFCN=0 -DEXT_MODE=1 -DONESTEPFCN=1 -DTERMFCN=1 -DMULTI_INSTANCE_CODE=0 -DINTEGER_CODE=0 -DMT=0 -DTID01EQ=0 -DON_TARGET_WAIT_FOR_START=1 -DXCP_CUSTOM_PLATFORM -DEXIT_FAILURE=1 -DEXTMODE_DISABLEPRINTF -DEXTMODE_DISABLETESTING -DEXTMODE_DISABLE_ARGS_PROCESSING=1 -DSTACK_SIZE=64 -DRT -DMODEL=myDCMotorControl -DNUMST=1 -DNCSTATES=0 -DHAVESTDIO -DMODEL_HAS_DYNAMICALLY_LOADED_SFCNS=0 -IC:/Users/sahil/AppData/Roaming/MathWorks/MATLAB Add-Ons/Toolboxes/Arduino_Engineering_Kit_Project_Files/work -IC:/PROGRA~3/MATLAB/SupportPackages/R2019a/toolbox/target/shared/svd/include -IC:/Users/sahil/AppData/Roaming/MathWorks/MATLAB Add-Ons/Toolboxes/Arduino_Engineering_Kit_Project_Files/work/myDCMotorControl_ert_rtw -IC:/PROGRA~1/MATLAB/R2019a/extern/include -IC:/PROGRA~1/MATLAB/R2019a/simulink/include -IC:/PROGRA~1/MATLAB/R2019a/rtw/c/src -IC:/PROGRA~1/MATLAB/R2019a/rtw/c/src/ext_mode/common -IC:/PROGRA~1/MATLAB/R2019a/rtw/c/ert -IC:/PROGRA~1/MATLAB/R2019a/toolbox/coder/rtiostream/src -IC:/PROGRA~1/MATLAB/R2019a/toolbox/coder/rtiostream/src/utils -IC:/ProgramData/MATLAB/SupportPackages/R2019a/3P.instrset/arduinoide.instrset/idepkgs/packages/arduino/tools/CMSIS/4.5.0/CMSIS/Include -IC:/ProgramData/MATLAB/SupportPackages/R2019a/3P.instrset/arduinoide.instrset/idepkgs/packages/arduino/tools/CMSIS-Atmel/1.1.0/CMSIS/Device/ATMEL -IC:/ProgramData/MATLAB/SupportPackages/R2019a/3P.instrset/arduinoide.instrset/idepkgs/packages/arduino/hardware/samd/1.6.20/cores/arduino -IC:/ProgramData/MATLAB/SupportPackages/R2019a/3P.instrset/arduinoide.instrset/idepkgs/packages/arduino/hardware/samd/1.6.20/variants/mkr1000 -IC:/PROGRA~3/MATLAB/SupportPackages/R2019a/toolbox/target/supportpackages/arduinotarget/include -IC:/PROGRA~3/MATLAB/SupportPackages/R2019a/toolbox/target/supportpackages/arduinotarget/scheduler/include -IC:/PROGRA~3/MATLAB/SupportPackages/R2019a/toolbox/target/supportpackages/armcortexmbase/scheduler/include -IC:/PROGRA~3/MATLAB/SupportPackages/R2019a/toolbox/target/supportpackages/arduinobase/include -IC:/PROGRA~3/MATLAB/SupportPackages/R2019a/toolbox/target/shared/externalmode_daemon/include -IC:/PROGRA~3/MATLAB/SupportPackages/R2019a/toolbox/target/supportpackages/armcortexmbase/xcp/include -o MW_PWM.o C:/ProgramData/MATLAB/SupportPackages/R2019a/toolbox/target/supportpackages/arduinobase/src/MW_PWM.cpp arm-none-eabi-g++: error: Add-Ons/Toolboxes/Arduino_Engineering_Kit_Project_Files/work: No such file or directory arm-none-eabi-g++: error: Add-Ons/Toolboxes/Arduino_Engineering_Kit_Project_Files/work/myDCMotorControl_ert_rtw: No such file or directory gmake: *** [MW_PWM.o] Error 1 The make command returned an error of 2

Build procedure for model: 'myDCMotorControl' aborted due to an error.

One peculiar thing is that the motor runs on the sinusoidal signal in the normal mode but I am unable to read from the encoder in that mode and hence cannot proceed with the remainder of the tutorial.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and regards, Sahil Girish

Hallo everyone,

(arduino engineering kit 2) How do I charge the battery? The description in "Charging the Battery" in chapter 2.1 of the course is completely unclear. If anyone knows, please tell me in detail, thank you very much!


I'm having an issue in section 2.2. I'm able to connect the Arduino to Matlab, however every time I try to define "a = arduino" I get the following error: "No constructor 'string' with matching signature found.".

How do I solve this problem?

Thank you in advance.