Arduino Engineering Kit MATlab intro

I opened up my Engineering kit today and I am very excited! However, I have run into an issue. I am getting started on the Matlab and I am told to input this code.

plot(PWMcmdRaw,speedRaw)% raw speed measurements
title('100:1 Gearbox Motor Steady State Response')
xlabel('PWM Command')
ylabel('Measured Speed (counts/sec)')

When I attempt to upload the code "   " is said to be invalid. This also causes my graph to be off. i also have trouble down the line when another line is supposed to use the same code.

another thing i noticed is a lot of " ** " symbols all over the codes that seem to be unnecessary.

any help would be appreciated! I'm excited to continue on but i need help with this speed bump!

This is a problem with Matlab rather than the Arduino and this is an Arduino forum. It would be better to pose the question in a forum devoted to Matlab