Arduino Engineering kIT Rev 2

Did any one tried installing Arduino package in MATLAB with Engineering kit Rev 2 ? my Arduino package installation in MATLAB was successful however I cant find NANO 33 IOT board while selecting boards from the dropdown menu.

please let me know if I am missing something. Thanks


Did you install all the add-ons mentioned in chapter 1.3?

Hello, I am having an identical problem, and I can't speak for vmolugu, but I know I installed the exact add-on from chapter 1.3 and made it all the way through the steps listed in the lesson, until it tells me to select the NANO 3 IOT board, at which point I am also unable to find that option in the dropdown.

Hi sorry for late response, Check your MATLAB version ! is it 2020 ? NANO IOT 33 will only work from 2020 and above. and with the license I received with the kit it installed 2019a and is not letting me upgrade to 2020 version and I am talking to Arduino customer care for a while now. So I gave up on them and contacted MATLAB customer care just before this post; they said the license I received is locked with 2019a and cannot be upgraded and it is being looked into it.

Let me know if you find a solution. Regards.

I am in the same situation. I was given R2019a and can't upgrade to 2020 so I can't get started.

Did you contact Arduino customer care ? When I contacted Mathworks separately they said they cant help on this and gave up.
Meanwhile Arduino customer care also contacted MATLAB; now I am waiting on Mathworks reply to this case now.

I wonder if they even process return if this dint work out as expected.

I contacted Arduino support, they kindly provided this:

ya I receive das well and it worked. and You will see more stuff that doesn't work!! the content is is very poor look like it is copy pasted from old Rev.

below are my findings so far with the content , if help is needed.

  1. In lesson 1.3 step 9 should come before step 8....I mean the order of the step should be changed so the numbering.

  2. After setting up the NANO board and starting MATLAB. the MATLAB automatically updates server code for the detected board again. that is wonderful but this time after the update MATLAB doesn't install motor carrier library. this drove me crazy for five minutes. Since Arduino course talks about running motors in the next lesson. motors wont run with out redoing hardware setup. not sure if there is way to disable "auto update" this happens every time I restart Arduino board and connect to matlab.

  3. Incorrect object mentioned in the lesson(3.5). since mcobj is the object created and assigned to motorCarrier that mcobj should be placed in dcmotor function. So right code is dcm = dcmotor(mcobj, 3). I have tested it works!!

  4. in the same lesson 3.5 , dcmotor() properties Dutycycle, IsRunning are not valid anymore; they are updated to "Speed" , "Running" so the below should be updated to dcm.speed and dcm.Running(if desired to use this property). I have tested it works!!

below is link to updated dcmotor()

The contents of Chapter 3 Arduino Engineering Kit Rev2 have been updated. Please check the chapter to see the updated functions.